Winwithfun is a competition service provider that provide it's users a chance to win weekly prizes. Prizes vary from gadgets such as iPhones, to cash prizes which you can spend on shopping vouchers.

Our services are advertised on the web and mobile. If you have entered one of our competition services we wish you good luck!

How it works:

Upon entering you will receive a text message with a quiz question every week, to which you can reply with the keyword + your answer (eg PLAY YELLOW). Answer correctly and you will have the chance to win!


Should you have a specific question, or want to cancel or stop your subscription, please contact our Customer centre:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Freephone: 020 3519 4826 (Our automated intelligent voice response system is available at any time 24/7. Our live agents are available on Monday-Friday between 9am - 5pm if you wish to speak to a live agent. 
  • Should you decide to stop using the Winwithfun service, you can send a text message containing STOP to short code 63003. You will receive a confirmation by text. 

For more contact options visit our contact page.

 Winwithfun is a brand owned by Rheinkraft Production GmbH